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Cyber Bullying - What Now?
It is all over our news -- kids everywhere are being Cyber Bullied. 

This is becoming such a pressing issue that our state government is proposing legislation requiring our schools to educate our children, grades 3 and up, on how to stay safe on the internet. 

It will be awhile before these programs start in our schools. 

If you are a devoted parent who is ready to learn how to keep our kids safe in cyberspace now, then I invite you to read on…

Do you want to know how to teach your children now to make wise decisions about using the internet? 

Would you like to help them understand that just because we do not have a direct  personal connection when communicating via cyberspace, that the ability to impact people is just as profound?

We simply see many people say things to each other in cyberspace that they would not say face to face.

Did you know that even if you put internet safety features on your own home computer, your children are still at risk to be cyberbullied, when they use other people’s computers who do not have these protective mechanisms?

As an IT consultant, I love technology because I see the value of it. The use of email, web cameras, and VOIP (phone on the internet) can help families and colleagues stay in touch.  Technology aids the disabled as well as allows people to generate new revenue steams in business But the same technology has created some riveting social issues with far-reaching implications.

So, I asked myself, “What can I do about this as a technology person?” I thought about it and realized that I would love to implement some software or hardware to solve this. yet, I have discovered the real solution is to provide information and to teach skills to parents so they can guide their kids.As a parent of two young kids, I have found technology and the Internet to be great resources for learning parenting tips and tricks.

So I decided to blend the two approaches to help parent’s (parents) in our communities.

I’ve discovered one of the primary ways to prevent CyberBullying is to simply raise everyone’s awareness.  We can teach our kids how to make wise choices about the internet themselves.  I’ve seen when kids learn these principles and are in challenging situations, they reflect back to the conversation with their parents and make significantly different choices.   I’ve seen them walk away from doing harm to others in cyberspace because they understood the effects.  I’ve seen kids tell their friends that what they are saying is Cyber Bullying and have helped their friends make different choices.

If you’ve been searching for tips on how to protect your kids from Cyber Bullying, I invite you to sign up to receive a special report that provides you with ‘The 7 Skills to Increase Your Awareness About Cyber Bullying.’ It contains an audio interview about technology with links to free protection software and skills that can be used in the home to prevent our kids from suffering the potentially horrible outcomes because of Cyber Bullying.

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