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Peter DuMelle is an IT/Business Consultant with PD Design, Inc., an instructor, husband, and father to two little girls. In these roles, Peter DuMelle works with technology on a daily basis keeping on top of internet technology and how it is being used and abused. Peter DuMelle has been working with companies to grow their business via the internet. This path led him to provide services at individual’s homes; setting up computers, and protecting computers and their users from potential harm from the internet. Pete has become more aware of cyberbullying through his work, additional research, from the news, and also by listening to the concerns of parents and businesses.
Peter DuMelle started, an informational website focused on cyberbullying prevention and internet safety to provide information on this important subject to parents and teachers.

This effort has grown into workshops for parents and credited workshops for teachers. Peter DuMelle believes Prevention = Communication + Education and that is what he sets out to do for communities.

Pete welcomes you to participate in a workshop, visit the website or contact him. To contact Peter DuMelle please email or go to
Peter DuMelle is also available for private IT services and can be reached at 847-769-7495