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There are solutions to prevent Cyber Bullying! 

Join thousands of parents who are part of the national Cyber Bullying Prevention Program, so you can feel relaxed and know that there are ways to keep your kids safe in cyberspace.

Here’s your Cyber Bullying Prevention Packet!

Prevention occurs in two different ways. 

First, you can prevent using various technology controls --

There are a number of software programs to monitor your kids' Internet usage. These limit the amount of time they can be on the computer and limits the websites they can visit. Remember, this is a very limited solution as your kids can easily get on the computer at the neighbor's house, the library, their school or
anyplace where there is limited monitoring of Internet usage or no controls on text messaging.

• Prevention Suggestions For Technology
-- Add monitoring software
-- Set software controls to limit access
-- Net Nanny
-- Add kid-safe web browsers

The best form of prevention, however, is for us to educate and inform our kids.

The more you as a parent know and understand about how to prevent CyberBullying  ~ the safer all of our kids will be.

• Prevention Suggestions Through Education
-- Learn about computer safety, computer basics and sites where Cyber Bullying can take place.
-- Put your computer in a public place so you can monitor and see what your kids are doing.
-- Limit and control kids same as you would with friends and in cyber space

Get more details with our article "Cyber Bullying Prevention = Communication + Education"


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