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What is Cyber Bullying ?



Have You Ever Been Cyber Bullied?
Have you ever received an email, text messages or read a blog posting where you saw the writer had been intentionally negative or hurtful, with the intention to cause harm? Have you heard about online polls where people vote and they are impersonating someone by using their email, instead of using their own? Have you seen postings of a rude picture of someone? If so, then you’ve seen Cyber Bullying.

Cyber Bullying Is Defined As:
“Threatening or other offensive behavior sent online to a victim or posted online about the victim for others to see.” (Wolak, Mitchell, Finkelhor et al., 2006).

Where Cyber Bullying Can Occur?
• Emails
• IM (instant message)
• Blogs
• Online polls
• Websites
• Text messaging
• Over the phone
• Chat rooms
• Bulletin boards
• Social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook)

Who Does Cyber Bullying Affect?

  • Cyber Bullying affects all of us -- both adults and kids.  No one is immune to it.

What can Cyber Bullying do?
• Run up your text messing bill
• Lower self esteem
• Cause depression
• Cause suicide
• Cause you to have to change email or user ID to change your identity
• Feel sad and lower self confidence
• Cause a person to withdraw
• Cause kids to skip school
• Lead to issues in later life